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It's about Freedom. Smart creatives use to make their business serve their life, not the other way around.
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Money isn't everything, but it sure helps. How much will you book?
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Contracts are about relationships so let's start with trust.
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Money isn't everything, but it sure helps. How much will you book?

Contracts & Payments

for people ( like you ) who hate contracts & payments.
That means they're crazy fast, delightfully simple and helpfully automated. Tech is cool... relationships are better. We've built every nook & cranny of to help you set the stage for healthy relationships with the humans you work with. They aren't numbers and neither are you.

Send your first contract in two minutes.

We’ll do the heavy lifting on the business end, so you can get back out with the people you love working with.  Agree comes with attorney approved contracts or your can upload your own and we’ll take it from there.
"I've been using for 10 minutes and it's AMAZING. It's already revolutionized my workflow!"

Caroline Raush | Photographer

Get Paid.

Anxiety can creep in when you don't know what’s going on with a potential booking. Did they receive the contract, take a look, send their payment, etc? crushes the anxiety. Get notifications when clients view, sign and make payments on their contracts!

Better Relationships.
Better Business.

Better Relationships. Better Business.

Clients. Contracts are about Connection, not just Protection. They serve as the foundation for healthy relationships with your clients by setting clear expectations. Now that you're both on the same page... you can get back to knocking it out of the park and earning those referrals.

Loved Ones. Speed & Knowledge. Shave hours of work and tons of mental weight. Send new contracts in minutes, with no back and forth and know what's happening every step of the way with our notifications. Spend that time and mental energy to be present with all those you love!

Your personal billing & admin assistant.

So helpful, you'll want to give us a raise (don't worry, we wouldn't take it). But we will notify you of every view, signature and payment made, send contract and billing reminders, collect automatic payments, create payment plans, keep you organized, etc, etc. Invite us into your office... you'll love the way it feels.

Send Contracts Anytime, Anywhere.

Technology should give you more freedom, so we do. Get out of the office and take our iOS App with you. You won't miss a thing. Get notifications, view details, contact clients, add events to your calendar, see payment status and more. Remember that assistant we told you about? Now you can take us with you.
for your freedom.
Flawlessly delivered to any device.
Response contract layouts mean your clients never have to pinch, zoom and pan. Beautiful.
Digitally signed anytime, anywhere.
Your clients can sign simply on any device, so you can get booked and paid faster.
Personal billing & admin assistant.
We'll take care of setting up payment plans, tracking payments down, and more.
Get paid faster with direct deposits.
When you receive digital payments, we send the money to your bank the same day.*
Notifications keep you in the know.
Crush the anxiety. We'll let you know everything that happens with your contracts & payments.
Attorney approved contract clauses.
Be confident that your contracts are legit. We had an attorney approve each clause.
"It’s a total game changer."
Hope Taylor | Photographer
" makes my job so much easier!"
Katie Schuette | Wedding Coordinator
"My clients are extremely happy with how simple it is for them to review and sign their contract."
Nick Goodin | Photographer
" is customer centered, beautifully designed, and easy to use."
Bobby Burns | Videographer
"'s streamlined workflow lets me get back to the things I love"
Montana Dennis | Photographer
"Getting notified about my contracts every step of the way is HUGE."
Tye French | Videographer
" makes the not-so-fun contract process quick and efficient."
Tyler Speier | Event Planner


Let's keep things simple, shall we?
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