We are working hard to make Agree better every day. Check out the features that are coming soon, as well as some of the history of the product. Enjoy!

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Paragraph Formatting

Some people paste in content from previous contracts, but some of the formatting can get lost in translation (line breaks). We want to make sure your contracts look just the way you want them.

Add 'Event Time' To Contracts

We have heard from a lot of people that they want to include an event time for their events. This is a small, but important edition to the app, and we're looking forward to adding it for you.

Scrolling Contracts

We're looking into a scrolling issue on the contract view. With new contract amendments and client options, we want to make sure everything is easy to find on every device.

Allow For Multiple Signers

If you have a contract with more than one person, you might want both of them to sign it, so we're making that happen. You can have multiple clients on a contract and have both of them sign it.

More Finance Info

Now that we have awesome Finance Section, we've been asked to add in some more info so you know where your money is at all times. We're working to add all that in there for you.

LATE 2017


We’re thankful for you!

Contract Templates

We have heard from so many people that you need a way to save a template, so we built it! Now you can save contracts as templates, and you can build a contract from a template in just a few seconds. This will change the way you send contracts.


Subscription Options

Now you can view all of your subscription options right from your dashboard and upgrade to another plan if you need to.


IOS App Updates

Now you can view your Event Dates in the dashboard and sort your contracts by their Event Date or Status. You can also view the full contract right in the app, or jump out to the browser to create a new contract.


Help Center

As you would guess, we have a lot of people with similar questions. So we built a Help Center to help answer all of the most common questions that users have. Check it out!


MID 2017

Create & Send on Mobile

With this update, you can create and send contracts in your browser, on ANY device. This one is big, and we're so excited make contracts that much easier with Agree.


All Email Domains Accepted

We added in the ability to sign up for Agree.com with any email domain extension.


Contract Amendments

Amendments are simple changes you can make to the contract after it's signed. The first two amendments we're building are:
- Change Event Date
- Cancel Digital Payment


Rotate-Lock Confusion

We have had some 'Signers' (that's what we call your clients) who have been confused when they're trying to sign contracts on their phones. We designed the signer pad to work in landscape orientation only, but some people leave the 'rotate-lock' turned on and forget about it. So we're going to fix that so it's even easier for your clients to sign their contract.


Mobile Friendly (version 1)

The first step is done! Now you can log in and sign up for Agree.com on any device. You can view your dashboard, finances, setting, and all your contracts.


iOS Mobile App!

It's live! Once you have an Agree.com account, you can login to the iOS App and see all your contracts, and get push notifications. Learn more.


Customer Service Messaging

We switched platforms so now we're able to receive messages and reply to customers faster and more efficiently. We also updated out Contact page, so it's easy to reach out to us anytime!


New Pricing Structure

We launched our new pricing to accurately reflect the value that Agree is bringing to its customers.


Skip Fields in Contracts

There are a few things we want to do to simplify the contract creation process, including the ability to skip fields, and exclude certain sections within the contract. We're gonna work on making this process as easy as possible.


Cancel Contracts

We're going to create the ability for you to cancel signed contracts with your clients. This will allow you to create new ones in their place, as well as delete those inactive ones off your dashboard.


Client Options

We're also building in simple changes for your clients to make to the contract after it's changed. The first two we're working on are:
- Change Card For Payment
- Make A Digital Payment Sooner


Finance Section

With this update you can now track all past, pending and future digital payments right from your dashboard. You can select any date range, and export a CSV of the data for your taxes and bookkeeping.


EARLY 2017

Reminder of Final Payment

Sometimes final payments can be way in the future, and people forget about them. So we've added in a little email reminder for your clients so they know their card is going to be charged ahead of time. They'll get the email 5 days before their card is charged, and they will have the option to change the card if they'd like to.


App Refinements

You may have noticed some new colors and icons in the app. We went through and did some cleanup to make your experience a little more consistent and easy. We hope you like it.


WePay Digital Payments

We found a solution for digital payments that will make your experience easier, faster, and more secure. We're teaming up with the best payment facilitator in the business, in order to take care of all our future digital payments.


Auto Log Out Message

We are serious about keeping your information secure, so we have a timer on your activity in the app. We have always logged people out when they go inactive, but now we've added a message to let you know you're being logged out.


LATE 2016

What A Year It's Been!

Check out our 2016 Year In Review! It has tons of fun stats and updates from all of 2016. We also added some of the fun stuff on the list for 2017. We hope you're as excited as we are.


New Signer Flow

So many people love Agree.com because it makes the experience easy for their clients. That's why we decided to make the Signer Flow even better. We're working to make it simple and fun for your clients no matter what device they're on.


Dashboard Sorting

Now you have folders in your dashboard! Any Completed contract gets moved into the 'Completed' folder automatically. You can also move any non-signed contract into the 'Archive' folder and you can sort contracts in each folder.


Delete Items & Clauses

Do you have extra items and clauses piling up? Don't worry, soon you will be able to delete all the ones you no longer need.


Display Signature

When your contract is signed, you get an immediate notification that displays your clients signature. It also appears on the bottom of every signed contract.


Save The Welcome Message

Now when you create your own custom welcome messages, it will show up on every contract you make within that same category.


1 Year Since Launch!

We love to 'Raise A Glass' to anything that's worth celebrating. Thanks to all our Founders for celebrating 1 full year of Agree.com with us.


Update 'Paid In Full' Emails

When you make a contract with only an initial payment (final payment is $0), the language on your initial payment confirmation now tell you that your contract has been Paid In Full.


Saving Legal Clauses

We had a few pesky bugs in the legal clause area, but we took care of them. Now you can select, unselect, edit, re-order and save clauses with ease.


Update Your Payment Method

You will be able to update your payment info for your subscription right from your dashboard.


Delete & Archive Contracts

We heard your requests, and we worked hard to get this in the dashboard for you. Now you can move contracts to your Archive folder, or delete them altogether. No more cluttered dashboard!



We are thankful for our families, friends, each other, and you! That's why we're participating in #30DOT with so many other amazing people. Feel free to join us.

Cancel Final Payments

If your accepting digital payments and your client happens to pay with cash instead, now you can just send a note to our awesome customer service guys who will cancel the final payment for you in no time.


'Pay With Cash' Notification

If you send a contract with the option of both physical & digital payments, and your client selects physical, we send you an email to let you know so you can coordinate your payments with them.


Clauses Are Pre-Selected

Now when you're making a contract, your legal clauses are already pre-selected based on the last contract you sent (within the same category). So if you use the same legal clauses for all your wedding shoots, then the work is done for you!


Add Payment Status to Emails

We added more information into the payment notifications including where exactly your money is and how long until it's deposited into your bank account.


Agree Blog

The Agree.com blog is up and running. We have info on our purpose, people and product. Check it out to see what we're doing and get some helpful tips anytime!


early 2016

Coupon Codes

We are building an awesome way to create tons of coupon codes for our users. We can give them out to you, and you can give them out to others.


Weekly Phone Calls

We care about people, especially those who use our products. Thats why we started calling them every week. Just to get to know them, and build relationships. Let us know if you want to chat!


Founders Deal Is Over!

We have about 1,500 people who have been with us from the beginning. We are so thankful for this group and look forward to giving you future benefits and first access to new features. Thanks!


Signer Flow On Mobile

The 'Signer Flow' as we call it, is the experience someone has when receiving, viewing, and signing a contract. We found a few steps in this flow to be a little confusing and cluttered, so we fixed them.


Digital Payments

Woohoo! We’ve created an integrated way to accept credit cards, debit cards and e-checks. All Agree.com users can apply to become a sub-merchant and accept digital payments!


Final Payment Language

We found that some people using digital payments were confused that we would automatically charge their clients on the final payment date. Sorry about that. We updated some language and details so everyone knows when payments are scheduled.


Sub-Merchants Update Info

We found out that some sub-merchants wanted to update their bank account info, so we added that feature into the dashboard.


The Referral Deal

We set up a nice referral deal for anyone who wants to join. Just sign up, get your own custom link and share it with your friends. If they subscribe within 90 days you make $15, and they get $500 of free processing. Check it out here.


Dashboard Editing

You will be able to re-edit sent contracts before they are signed.


december 2015

Updated Log In Speed

Now logging into your account is faster than ever. 


Contract Signature Details

Signatures will be displayed on signed contracts, along with details like date, time, location, IP address, and device used to sign.


Sales Tax

You will be able to manually add sales tax to your contracts. 


Happy New Year!

Enjoy the holidays!

Update Your Email

With this update, you can easily change your email address right from your dashboard. 


Resend Contracts

You'll be able to easily resend contracts to your clients if you need to. 


november 2015

International Currency

We love our friends across the pond.


Downloadable PDF's

Your contracts are always available online, but now you can save them as PDF's as well.



We’re thankful for you!

Updated Community

You will be able to connect with more people in your industry, and see the newest Agree videos. 


October 2015

Drag & Drop

You can now drag and drop contract items and legal clauses so they appear exactly where you want them.


Updated Date Picker

Sunday to Saturday Calendar is updated and the date displays correctly in all places it appears.


Celebrate Rising Tide Society

Agree is proud to be a part of The Rising Tides Society & Octobers "Tuesdays Together" Event.


You'll receive an email when your contracts have been signed.


september 2015

Update Accounts

Updated account info area to make editing easier.



Opened up the ability for international accounts.


Launch Agree.com




300 Founders!

#1 Customer Service

We love hearing from you and now you can click and chat with us from any page on the website.



Integrated community forum right within the app.