Contract Templates

The new way to create a contract…faster than ever.

If you send the same contract to each of your clients, or have a few main types of contracts, then you’re going to love the contract templates feature. You can easily save any contract as a template, or build your own template and save it your dashboard. Creating a contract from a template is incredibly easy and just takes a few seconds.

Save Any Contract as a Template

You can open any contract in your dashboard and choose to save it as a template. This will create the template for you in your Contract Templates folder, and you're free to use it as much as you want.

Build a Template From Scratch

Inside your Contract Templates folder is a purple tile that says 'Start a New Template'. This opens a simple builder that allows you to create your template and save it. You can go back any time and edit your templates.

Create a Contract From a Template

Hit the 'Start Contract' button to create a contract from a template. You just need to fill in a few required fields and the contract is ready to send. It's fast & easy.

Duplicate & Delete Templates

The three dots at the top corner of the template tile will bring up a dialogue box with the option to duplicate or delete the template.


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