Meet Our Team

... a team assembled to solve problems for you.

This is our team here at! We are a small group based out of Bend, OR and we love what we do. We're passionate about building a great product that makes people's lives better. We want to eliminate the time you waste creating contracts and tracking down payments, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Thanks for checking out our team, and send us an email if you want to connect!

david jay


After many years of photography, DJ found himself leading creative people to build software and build community. Yea, thats what we do. DJ loves his wife, two sons, puppy, wine, and wearing lulu lemon pants. Seriously, all the time. He’s our leader, and we love him.

kevin kewley


Kevin drives cars, motorcycles, bikes…really anything with wheels. He’s not afraid to fall (and has scars to prove it). He loves adventure, problem solving, hawaiian ping-pong and his wife. He is consistent and excellent in his work, making sure every product update we make is nothing less than awesome. He’s a rockstar, and we love him.

cody rogers


Cody doesn’t eat broccoli. Or carrots. Or anything that grows on trees. He uses sweets and pop to fuel his creative design and valuable insight as he leads the product team in making great experiences for our customers. He’s a spikeball ninja, a husband, a hat-wearer and owns a full range of historical art socks. He is consistent and a boss, and we love him.

dennis miller


Dennis the Menace is a back-end ninja engineer who can seriously do anything. If you’re around Dennis for more than a few minutes, you’re bound to hear a Seinfeld quote, and something about baseball. Dennis is fond of sound boards, bandanas, and spending time with his family. He’s our elder, and we respect him. And we love him.

luke chambers


Like a brave warrior defending the northern castle, Luke leads the Tech Team in Bend, OR. He is a genius engineer (don’t call him a developer) and he leads all things tech for our products. The only thing we like to see more than his face on a video call, are his huge biceps - we named them Justin & Lance. Luke loves baseball, golf, and spending time with his wife and daughters. He is the one with access to our servers (and hearts), and we love him.