What is the best way to secure your bookings?

November 3, 2017

It's happened to me, and I'm sure it's happened to you too. Here's my story:

I had an amazing client meeting, we hit it off, they loved my work and I wanted the job. I had already spent a number of hours communicating, preparing and meeting with these prospective clients and I really thought I could count on their business. Then, a couple weeks later, I got the WORST email:

"Hey Josh! We absolutely love your work and we're so grateful for all the time you've spent with us, BUT (ugh... I already know what's coming)... we decided to go with someone else. We were all ready to sign a contract with you, but my sister told us her friend can shoot the wedding for half your price. Best of luck to you!”

Ouch. I know you've felt this pain too.

It seems like this typically happens for one of two reasons:

  1. I was busy (or lazy) and didn't prioritize sending a contract out to them to secure the job. Contracts take time to create and send, and they're not fun... so I put them off (especially if I thought I was a shoe in).
  2. I sent the contract, but they took days/weeks to get to it. They were ready, but like sending, signing and paying for contracts is complicated, takes time and isn't fun... so they put it off.

Both of these leave a lot of time in between our amazing experience together and the client's ability to book me. As we all know, a lot can happen in that time.

Enter Agree.com. Now there is no reason for me to put off sending a new contract out since it takes less than 2 minutes and sends professionally designed and branded emails to my clients. No reason for them to delay because they instantly receive a notification for their contract and can review, sign & pay in moments... from any device, anywhere.

I've learned that the quicker I get my contract out to my potential clients, and the easier I make it for them to sign & pay, the better chance I have to book them. We've built Agree.com to make it easy and fast to create, send, sign & pay digital contracts.

In addition, Agree.com's digital payment feature allows you to charge initial payments at the time of signing, AND schedule the final payment to be charged automatically on a date you choose! No more chasing payments!

Our hope is that we've made contracts & payments feel a whole lot easier so that you can book more jobs more quickly. That way you can spend more of your time on what you really love; your relationships and your art!

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