The Secret to Booking More Clients

January 4, 2018

I’m a people person and one of my favorite things is getting to know new clients. When I first talk with a potential client I love asking them questions about themselves, their family, what they love. By nature I am a people pleaser, I try to not rock the boat and just want to make everyone happy. But, as we all know, at some point during the conversation it’s important to actually get down to business.

Beyond getting to know a potential client, and dreaming with them about an amazing photo shoot, the “money talk” is always the part of running a business that weighs heavy on my heart. As my business and family have grown, valuing my time and art has taken a forefront in my success. I simply can’t make it with my business if I don’t confidently talk to them about packages and pricing. Fortunately I can now easily navigate this conversation with ease and confidence thanks to a solid business plan and a few tools that help me along the way.

My portrait sessions are around $950 - $1,600 depending on the package. What I’ve learned over time is that regardless of how great conversations with a potential client go, they are the most excited to book shortly after our first point of contact. This is the best time to convert them into clients with a retainer and booking. I never feel like I am capitalizing on anything but exactly what I want them to feel through the whole process, excitement. I have found that when I delay sending along a contract they often get cold feet and back out. That’s where comes in and has been a game-changer on so many levels. With Agree I am no longer redesigning/reworking Word doc contracts to email or having to make frequent trips to the bank and post office. Instead it takes me just a few minutes to create and send a contract, and my clients are able to sign and pay me right away. Agree also automatically takes care of reminding them, and processing the transaction, for their final payments. The ease of this process allows me the opportunity to spend less time on talking about money and more time about them, this is essential for my people pleasing side. This past year I booked over $60,000 through Agree and am now using the time it saves to get to know my clients better, helping them style their outfits and finding the perfect locations.

By Erin Witkowski

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