Starting a Business: Developing A Mission

January 2, 2018

Launching a business can be exhilarating and overwhelming all at the same time. It’s like riding a roller coaster without a seat belt, you’re often holding on for dear life. With that said, it’s truly awe-inspiring to know anyone in the world with a good idea can transform their life and become successful with the right business strategy in place. Walking into entrepreneurship blindly, however, can add a few more hurdles to your road to success, that is why it’s important to give your business calculated and thoughtful consideration way before you even make it onto the tracks... The first step to starting your business is understanding your MISSION. 

As creative, tenacious, visionary entrepreneurs we often get ahead of ourselves and unintentionally swerve off the original path. When our missions have been thought out with intentionality and concise purpose, we are in a better position for success. 

So, what is the purpose of a mission statement? 

Your mission statement is the launching pad of your business development, it connects all other tasks, strategies, values, goals, and efforts together with one unified statement. 

Take a moment and answer the following questions: 

- What is your brand’s purpose? 
- How does your brand accomplish said purpose? 
- Who is impacted by your brand most? 


Black Sheep Bride(BSB) is an online wedding and lifestyle publication devoted to disrupting the wedding industry through intentional generosity.

What is your organization's purpose? 'disrupting the wedding industry' 

How do you accomplish that purpose? 'through intentional generosity' 

Who is impacted by your purpose? ‘wedding industry’

Once you’ve got the cleanest variation of your brand’s mission statement in place. Send it 20 different people, preferably not family. Encourage them critique your mission statement and be prepared for their feedback. The goal of this exercise is take their collective feedback and refine your statement till it is tac sharp. 

If you’ve ever participated or heard about start-up incubator programs this is one of the very first exercises you’re encouraged to complete and it’s an ongoing and evolving aspect of your brand. As you grow and learn from your experience your mission statement will ebb and flow as you pivot, but the key elements will remain. 

Examples of great mission statements: 


Honest Tea: 

‘to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, and organic beverages.’

Warby Parker: 

‘To offer designer eye-wear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.’


‘… to connect people through transportation and bring communities together.’ 

Notice how incredibly simple these large brand’s mission statement examples are at first glance. They are small in words but endless in possibility. Mission statements are like dynamite, they are small in size, but huge in impact. As you explore your brand’s mission statement consider the long-term goals and how this mission statement will align with your vision. If you find things aren’t aligned, go back to the drawing board and tweak accordingly. 

Now that you have your mission in place, you have a solid foundation to launch your business. The rest of the work is just as hard, but you’re off to a great start and we’re here to provide resources to guide you along the way. 

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