Contracts can be more than just protection

November 5, 2017

"I trust them.""It's just a small job.""They're my friend."

These are a few reasons we've heard for why you may not use a contract with a client. I've had the same reasons in the past. It makes sense if the only reason we send a contract is to protect ourselves. But what if contracts can be for so much more?

We believe that contracts are about Connection, not just protection. They can be the basis of building healthy relationships with your clients by setting clear expectations for each of you. Once those expectations are agreed on, you can really invest in your relationship and in giving your clients the best experience possible. Instead of each side posturing to get the most for the least, you can come together and bring peace and confidence into the relationship as a healthy foundation.

Delivering on what is expected is huge, so it's really good to make sure those expectations are clear ahead of time, no matter how big the job is. It gives you an opportunity to over-deliver and blow your clients mind... which often leads to their gift to you... a personal referral!

This is why we believe contracts are important for every job; big, small, friends, family, new relationships or businesses. That's never been easy to accomplish though because contracts are complicated, hard to create and send, and hard for your clients to review and sign. At, we've set out to change this by offering an easy to use tool to not only create and send contracts, but also to automatically receive payments for them!

You can even set up multiple types of contracts (weddings, corporate, portraits, etc) that can be selected with just a click. So when you meet with a client, even if it's a smaller job, you can create, send and have your contract signed in minutes.

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